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Facial Aesthetics

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are an effective treatment to reduce and smooth lines and wrinkles. They can help reduce deep lines and smooth the contours of your face. Anti-ageing facial fillers are the non-surgical way to achieve younger looking skin and a 'fresh' appearance.

Facial rejuvenation

We have taken the most up-to-date course in the UK with Dr Bob Khanna for facial rejuvenation treatment using Botox and Derma Fillers to be aware of the latest technology. Our practitioners are also members of the International Academy of Advanced Facial Aesthetics (IAAFA). This unusual background of being an orthodontist and having the training and expertise in facial rejuvenation has given us the opportunity to achieve the best synergy between orthodontics and facial rejuvenation treatment and to introduce a new concept: "The dental facelift".

This has also provided us with the power to go beyond each of those two disciplines and get a better and more complete understanding of how to solve problems and achieve the best harmony for your face.