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CT Scan

3D Dental Cone Beam CT Scans at QueensGateDental

We have been investing in 3D dental cone beam CT scanners at our implant centre in South Kensington. The equipment will producealmost 350 megabytes of 3D images in the placementof implantsaccurately.

A Computerised Tomography scanor CT scan is actuallyComputerised Axial Tomography. This kind of X-ray takes complete pictures of each part of your body with a scanner and sends out many X-ray beams at various angles for capturing images. Unlike the MRI scanner, you will not have to lie in a tunnel.

A CT scanner operates with the passing of X-ray beams through yourbody. Due to this, the strengths of the beams can be measured that determine tissueor bone density. Thecomputer will be using this information to process the results and then display them in the form of two-dimensional picture.

CT scans create virtual images that reveal the inside of your body without further examinations, however, it can be used for different reasons such as detecting cancer, diagnosing spinal problems and examining internal injuries. CT image is amongst thequickest tools for assessing your body since it providesa cross-sectional view of your body as well as detailed images.

What should you know about 3D dental cone beam CT scans?

A 3D dental cone beam CBCT scan or Computerised Tomography scan is somewhat similar to the X-ray.

With 3D dental CBCT scans, dentists can plan for the right treatment, depending on the patient. He/she can see the images produced by CT scanner from different directions.

3D dental CBCT scans can help for accurate placement of tooth implants.CBCT scans calculate the width, depth and density of the jawboneand the depth of bone in sinus cavities and nerve canals in a 3D view for the accurateness of 0.1 mm.

With a3D dental CBCT scanner, the placing of implants lessens risk and thussaves time with fewer visits only. Replacing your teeth with an implant treatment is associated with longer periods of healing and highercosts,however,by using the most advanced equipment, both the cost and the time will be decreased.

QueensGateDental uses the most advanced technology

We use the latest technology such as 3D dental CBCT scanners for the accuratenessof implant placement at our clinic.

What are the benefits of a 3D dental CBCT scan?

  • Implant placement can be done with the best possible accuracy. The 3D images that are produced with the help of a CBCT scanner measures the width, depth, and density of the bone as well as describe the setting of anatomical structures likeinferior alveolar nerve, sinuses and nerve canals.
  • With pre-operative planning,a thorough diagnosis is done to eliminate any kind of guesswork.
  • Knowthe kind of implant you need to use andalso where you should place it.
  • Determine if a sinus lift orbone restoration is at all needed.
  • A 3D dental CBCT scan reduces the risk of drilling either too deep or not at the precise angle with implant placement.
  • Working with a 2D X-ray will improve the chances of some issues not being visible, thus increasing the possibilities of change in thetreatment plan.

Is a 3D dental CBCT scan needed for implant procedure?

A panoramic x-ray cannot assessthe bone depth with similar accuracy as that of a 3D dental CBCT scan. At the same time, it cannot calculate bone density or thickness. A 3D dental CBCT scan reduces any kind of presumption, thus lessening the risk for our patient.

A 3D dental CBCT scan is an effective diagnostic method for denotingthe suitabilityof a patient for implants. It provides precise 3D images that help to verify the exact bone width, depth, condition and density with proper position of sinus cavity and nerve canal.

A 3D dental CBCT scan denotesdetailed pre-planning that leads to minimum risk, less visits and lower costs.

How much time will a CT scan require?

A CT scan usually requires somewhere between 10 to 30 minutes and this will depend on the body part that should be scanned. Pictures will also be taken from different angles.

3D dental CBCT scanning services:

At QueensGateDental, wecare for our valuable patients from the difficulty of referrals and visiting another CT scan centre for completingthe dental CBCT scans. Our scanning facilities are there in our implant centersinSouth Kensington, London.Thus, we savepatients from the trouble of making arrangements for further appointments, long waiting timewith the CT Scanning Centres and more travelling costs.

Are the CT scans considered to be safe?

CT scans involve nopain and are non-invasive without any recovery time.
Since they use X-rays, CT scan will be only done when it is needed. On the other hand, pregnant women will be provided a CT scan only in case the scan offers more benefit than the risksfor the baby.

How much will a Dental CT scan cost?

We are offering dental imaging referral services for the orthodontists, implant dentists, maxillo-facial surgeons and oral surgeons for many years.
By fixing a pre-booked appointment, QueensGateDental offers 3D dental CBCT scans.

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