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Cerec - Same Day Restorations


Do you want highly aesthetic, tooth-coloured fillings created and placed during a single dental appointment?

This is now possible - thanks to CEREC. Ceramic restorations created and placed during a single appointment.

CEREC® technology offers fast and effective treatment for fillings and some crowns. It works using an intraoral scanner to take an image of your mouth and teeth, so there's no need for uncomfortable impressions. From the digital image, we create a natural looking replacement on-site which can be fitted on the same day and because the entire procedure is completed in one visit, you won't need to wear a temporary crown or filling, or return for a second appointment.

CEREC® is a very straightforward and effective treatment. It uses strong, tooth coloured ceramic materials to restore your teeth to their natural strength, beauty and function and are colour matched to blend in with your natural existing teeth.

The benefits of CEREC®:

  • Restoration completed in a single visit
  • No unpleasant impressions
  • No need for temporary crowns
  • Metal-free restoration
  • Highly aesthetic long-lasting results

Ask us about CEREC. We'll be glad to advise you.