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The orthodontic treatments we offer achieve superior results, both aesthetically and technically, and to us 'braces' are not only a method of straightening crooked or over-crowded teeth, they are a way of restoring the balance and harmony of your whole face. We do not believe in just treating your teeth in isolation, for us, your teeth are always a part of you and your face.

We favour treatment that does not require anything too invasive, such as extraction or headgear. We much prefer to work with light, gentle forces. Our approach is caring and highly effective, dedicated to achieving excellent results in the shortest time possible for patients.

Here is a brief guide to the different kinds of orthodontic treatments we offer:

 Metal Braces

The modern metal braces we use are as small and discreet as possible. They are designed with the latest slide mechanism to minimise friction and align teeth more quickly and comfortably.

Clear Braces

An aesthetically pleasing alternative ideal for achieving the same precision result as traditional metallic braces. You will forget you are wearing braces, and so will the people around you. We provide Six Month Smiles clear braces, information below…

Six Month Smiles

Are you one of the many people in the UK who are unhappy with their teeth and lacking the confidence to smile due to twisted, crooked and uneven teeth or gaps.

Have you ever considered cosmetic dentistry or teeth straightening in order to help? Perhaps you are put off by the thought of having to wear traditional 'train track' braces which can be unsightly and uncomfortable. Or maybe you worry that braces could be expensive or might encroach on your everyday life for years to come, requiring frequent dental trips and constant maintenance.

What are Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles is a revolutionary and modern alternative deriving from the US, which offers patients a more discreet, efficient and cost-effective option. The system focuses only on those teeth which show when you smile, meaning that it is targeted specifically to each patient, helping to straighten teeth quickly and safely.

Unlike other 'invisible' treatments Six Months Smile braces can be seen, but are manufactured from white coloured braces, clear brackets and nickel titanium wires meaning they are discreet and aesthetically pleasing.

Braces are by far the most popular and successful method of helping patients to achieve healthy, straight teeth in a safe way. The best feature of Six Month Smiles is that the treatment and materials are adapted in order to achieve the same results as conventional braces, but in a much faster time.

Is it suitable for me?

Many people have benefitted from Six Month Smiles braces. The system can use be used for top and bottom teeth and is highly suitable for a variety of cosmetic dental issues including spacing, overbites and for teeth that have rotated or are extruded. However, it may not be suitable for more complex corrections which can take longer to fix. Speak to your dentist who can advise you if Six Months Smiles is appropriate for you.

The positives of Six Month Smiles:

  • A quicker and more efficient system focusing only on those teeth which show when you smile, rather than moving all of your teeth like a conventional brace.
  • Braces are bespoke and custom-made for patients. Customising the force means that they can give more predictable results.
  • Innovative Six Month Smiles tray kits mean that appointments take less time and are more comfortable, resulting in far shorter treatment times and increased safety and hygiene.
  • Braces are discreet and aesthetic, especially beneficial for those looking for something less noticeable.

What is involved in the Six Month Smiles treatment?

Initially, it is necessary for your dentist to conduct a series of checks on your teeth. They will use a number of methods including X-rays, scans, impressions and photographs to determine that they are all healthy and can be moved safely.

Remember to discuss with your dentist now if you have any particular hopes for your tooth improvements so this can be taken into account in your treatment plan.

Your records will be sent to the Six Month Smiles lab in America where your custom-made brackets and braces will be produced for you. Models of your teeth made from impressions will be used to exactly produce the brackets and wires for your braces making sure they are all in the right place to fit on your teeth. They will also accurately calculate the specific movement required in order to achieve the desired straightening effects.

The braces will arrive in a customised tray kit with all brackets and wires precisely positioned. Your dentist will apply adhesive bond to your teeth and the brackets and they will then insert the tray, holding it in place so that it can set. The adhesive will be hardened using a high intensity light to make sure that it is secure.

Throughout the course of your treatment you will need to have regular appointments with your dentist. These will be fairly short (10-15 minutes) and will enable them to adjust the brace and monitor your teeth accordingly.

After treatment will I need a retainer?

As with any teeth straightening treatment, when your brace is removed, you will need to wear a retainer for a period of time. Retainers allow your teeth to stabilise in their new positions after treatment. This is important because teeth continue to move throughout your life and can relapse, particularly if you had gaps previously.

You can opt for a removable retainer which you wear at night, or alternatively you can have one permanently bonded onto the back surfaces of your teeth. Discuss your preference with your dentist and they will advise you of your options depending on your case history.


What if I need to have teeth removed?

If your teeth are overcrowded then it is possible to remove very small amounts of enamel from in between them to help create space. This is called inter-proximal reduction and is a painless procedure not requiring tooth injections. Full teeth can also be removed in order to ensure best results.

Will Six Month Braces treatment hurt?

It is common for braces to feel tight when they are first fitted and patients may experience slight soreness at first. If this is the case then over-the-counter painkillers should help with any discomfort.

In the initial weeks after fitting you may find it slightly more difficult to speak or notice that you salivate more than usual. This is completely normal and is due to having foreign objects in your mouth. This will quickly improve as you get used to them being there.

Despite a general assumption that Six Month Smiles treatment may be more abrupt due to the shorter time frame, the system actually uses a lower force to move teeth so less pain is expected than with traditional braces. This also means that there is a lower risk of root or nerve damage and other orthodontic issues.

  • Lack of stimulation to the gum can cause bone shrinkage.
  • Gaps can cause problems with eating and drinking.
  • They can also affect your speech.
  • Self-confidence can be greatly impaired, particularly in the case of very visible missing teeth.
  • Oral health can be affected, with increased risk of gum disease and tooth decay due to bacteria that can collect in gaps.

Removable Braces


Invisalign® braces are removable so you can take them out to eat, brush and floss your teeth. The best endorsement we can make is that many of our patients have told us that they don't even feel as if they're wearing a brace with Invisalign®.

If your teeth are crowded, uneven, protruding or have moved since you last wore braces, Invisalign® 'invisible' braces could help you achieve the beautiful, natural smile that only perfectly straight and even teeth can give you. Invisalign® braces are an 'invisible' alternative to traditional orthodontic treatments so you won't have to feel self-conscious about wearing braces when you smile. They are comfortable and will gently move your teeth into the correct position without the use of metal wires or brackets.

We have achieved excellent results using Invisalign® braces on our patients, not least because they are aesthetically pleasing, but also because patients are happy to participate in and embrace their treatment. Typically, treatment with Invisalign® braces is shorter than with other kinds of brace, which is also an important consideration for patients.

Lingual Braces

The new generation of lingual braces are designed to be worn behind the teeth so they do not show at all. They are becoming more comfortable, so although it may take a little longer for patients to adapt to wearing them, many people choose them for their aesthetic qualities.